Videos of First Skydives and PFF Student Jumps

Lori's First Skydive This is a typical first-jump video production. If you get a video of your skydive, it will be about 7 minutes long; it will have your choice of music and will be playable on a computer, smartphone or Hi-Def TV.

Jake's First Skydive This is a shorter version of a first-jump video that we uploaded to youtube in Hi-Def. If your computer and internet connection support this bandwidth, try it out! We now record your first jump video in 1080p, 60 fps Hi-Def so you can enjoy watching your skydive on a Hi-Def TV.

Kait's Second Skydive A great example of what you'll do on your second skydive at Grand Bend. Kait exits with two instructors from 10500 feet. During her 40 seconds of freefall she practises activating her parachute, responds to the instructors' signals and monitors her altitude. When she reaches the planned altitude she pulls out and releases her pilot chute.

Brit's Second Skydive Another great example of your second skydive at Grand Bend. This video is from the right-side instructor's point of view. Watch Brit show how it's done!

Holger's 4th and 5th Skydives At the Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center your first two skydives are with two instructors; the next four are with one instructor. Holger demonstrates very good heading control and altitude awareness in freefall the first time he's released; on his next skydive he completes 360 degree turns on his first try!

Janet's 7th Skydive Janet does a "ride the slide" exit and a backloop on her first try! Due to music copyright issues this video may not play on your smart phone but should play, with music, on a computer.

These and lots more skydiving videos are available on Grand Bend Sport Parachuting's YouTube channel!